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NETWORK NEWS: For Your Graduating Seniors

By Christine Monska posted 06-05-2020 15:28


Dear Clubhouse Network Community

I am writing to provide you with an invitation and welcome letter to send to your Clubhouse Members who are now 19 years of age.  These young people are now alumni, entering a new phase in their life, and we want to ensure they know that our global network is here to support them with resources for personal and professional growth as they transition out of the role of Member.

As many members are experiencing high school graduation and college class cancellations, unemployment and are likely physically distancing themselves from others, we want to remind them that The International Clubhouse Alumni Network (ICAN) has resources for connection and community during this time and into the future.

New Additions to the Alumni Program

  • Alumni Advisory Board to steer program offerings
  • Funding and technical support for Alumni Chapters
  • Alumni seat on the International Youth Leadership Council
  • Bi-annual Alumni Summits

Please email or send this letter to any members who are eligible (19 or older) and encourage them to sign up to receive information to stay connected to the ICAN community. 

Are you already engaged with Clubhouse alumni through local programming? Please remind them that there is also a global network with unique opportunities waiting for them! Encourage them to join our community by signing up today.